Monday, August 22, 2016

Urban Small Game hunting Pack (slingshot hunting bag/pack)

Urban small game load out:  A slingshot hunter's small game hunting pack.
One of my older hunting packs.

In the last few years I had noticed that my usual hunting essentials had started to overcrowed my cargo pant pockets or my jackets during the winter. In essence it had started to become impractical on many levels. Some time last winter in 2015 I started to put together a winter rabbit hunting bag but that bag evolved into a complete outdoor system unto itself. Was this my first slingshot hunting pack? No not at all.

A few months back while doing some summer remodeling I came across a black leather fanny pack at the bottom of a box I had filled with odds and ends that needed organizing.

I looked over the bag and decided to look into its contents, lo and behold this was a fanny pack that I had used for my slingshot hunts some seven years ago circa 2009. Inside the pack were over a dozen 1/2 inch steel ball bearings and in one of the larger compartments was full of plastic bags (game storage bags).

So many crucial events had occurred in my life in the last 7 years that I had completely forgot about this hunting fanny pack.

I showed it to my wife and she jogged my memory about it, she had purchased the fanny pack for me to have for my hunts. In her own words it was perfect for wearing in town and for my urban hunts that might lead me to the railroads or other good hunting places.

I have since reinstated the use of this very practical hunting pack that travels light and holds my essential gear for my hunts.

The fanny pack is not huge but it is medium to large in size yet for its size I have been able to carry most the things that I will need in a day hunt. Everything minus a cook kit but a cook kit is used in longer hunts. Even still I am able to pack a light snack to keep energy levels up.

Here I share several pictures of my small game slingshot hunting pack.

Here's a front view of the pack the front right pocket with a zipper I use to fill with my ammo currently it has 5/8 cat eye marbles that are my standard hunting ammo for the barn pigeons at my work place that I am permitted to control so they wont contaminate the fresh crop. The smaller pocket where my thumb is fits my qwerty phone or a can of pepper spray useful for deterring bipedal as well as quadrupedal predators. The zipper immediately above these smaller pockets fits my main slingshot and a back up slingshot.
Here's the back side of the pack and the other large zipper compartment. In here I fit an assortment of items from additional ammo to game bags as I will show in the following pictures.

Here's a picture of the hunting pack after a successful hunt at work in which I harvested a barn pigeon. It is less organized in its presentation but you can see some of the contents including the 5/8 cat eye marbles and some clear marbles.  The main hunting slingshot of the season, I will go more into detail in the following picture.  A lighter (fire making) always have this.

Here's a more organized picture with better explanation:
Back zipper pocket contents: Game bags, plastic gloves for dressing game, a pocket knife for the dressing. A small flash light as I work nights at my agricultural job, the lighter does not show but is under the gloves. A Hunter's brand Sausage by Tillamook just a snack to keep your energy levels up when you're on the trail.
To the right is a plastic bag with spare chained rubber band sets ready for a quick replacement if the bands on my shooter break.

My main hunting slingshot of the season a magnolia fork with chained red clay pc(platinum crepe quality) #32 rubber bands chained 3x3x3, also a back cup shaped alambre resortera with the same chained rubber band set up.

This is my basic small game slingshot hunting pack, simple and easy to work with. When in use I will usually take out the main hunting slingshot and carry on my person and to reach for ammo I just open the front zipper pocket and take a few marbles and take my shot when I see my quarry. If I make a kill I will reach in the back pocket for a plastic bag to store my harvest until it can be dressed. I have since added to small travel size pill bottles/cylinders with .38 lead balls and one with .44 lead balls.

If this inspires you to make a similar small game hunting pack?
I have also started making a back up system with a very inexpensive "waist pack" that is sold in Walmart

by Outdoor Products it is called the Essential Waist Pack.

Note: It is slightly smaller than my leather fanny pack so more creativity and space management must be put into consideration with this pack.

The pockets are different but a similar set up can be created with this inexpensive fanny pack. I put the slingshot in its main compartment and here I plan on adding spare slingshot bands and maybe a small back up shooter and this one has an inside pocket to the main compartment which fit my lighter and pocket knife, and a energy bar or jerky will also fit in the main large compartment shown in the middle.  The front small pocket will carry my marbles and maybe a pill bottle with .44 lead balls

The picture does not show it but this waist pack also has a back pocket and in it I will place my gloves for dressing game and the plastic small game storage bags. It only cost me just under $6.00 a worth while small game pack light and easy to hike with.

Water bottles I keep separate but I also saw that they sell a "Hydration Waist pack" that if you wanted to have the water with you included in the pack can have for just under $16.00

The choice is always up to the imagination of each hunter.

Just my own ideas and how I pack my hunting gear.

Good Luck on your Hunts..


  1. good to see them chains are still doing you good nico i gave up looking for quality bands in the uk years ago...bushwacker111

    1. Nice to see you on here bushwacker! Its been a long time mate!

      These red rubber bands are my favorite but my second best are the cheap #64 rubber bands which can be found at most any office supply store and work well for mooching. In fact from 2012 - 2015 I mainly used the chained 64s. I decided this year to get some good hunting in with the quality red rubber bands.

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  3. Hi! really informative post about slingshot hunting bag/pack.thanks for information.can you suggest me any color.

    1. I like olive drab but camo is ok too, no need to draw attention to yourself out on the trail.

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